Follow this link to Darren’s Studio Fire Relief Fund

There was a fire in the unit opposite Darren Wheeler’s newly set up studio which burnt out his unit as well. He has lost all his tools and equipment and has nothing left to create his wonderful sculptures and platters. Let’s raise money to help him get new tools and lathes so he can continue to amaze us with his work and enthusiasm.

DARREN WHEELER RPT – Woodturner and Sculptor

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Nestled near the foot of Melbury Hill within the wooded, rolling countryside of Jurassic Dorset is the workshop of Darren Wheeler RPT.

It is in these tranquil surroundings that artist Darren explores the beauty of our native British trees – trees that are the envy of the timber industry worldwide.

Taking timber from local sources, such as tree surgeons and neighbouring estate woodlands, Darren reveals the colours and forms of timber which nature has hidden beneath the bark: forms kept secret for sometimes hundreds of years.

His work has been described as “revealing the Art of Nature itself”.  A style of art which can never be mass-produced, each piece unique to the particular burr and growth being sculpted.

Darren’s rural studio workshop is capable of creating not only his “trademark” single unique pieces but also short run production work and commissioned items.  By working closely with other local artists such as painters, blacksmiths, glass blowers, and more, he is able to create totally unique pieces. Your idea or design can be developed and realized by some of the finest artists and craftsmen in Dorset.

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